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Beachwood Resort Announces Photo Contest

(News Item #0277, Published: 11/04/12,

With 50 years of family get togethers, reunions plus clubs, weddings and other groups the newly renovated Beachwood Resort north of Ocean Shores Washington wants to celebrate its thousands of happy guests.

Prior visitors are invited to submit photos, videos and stories of their stays at Beachwood from the present all the way back to the beginning, and every submission is a winner.

Materials can be emails or mailed to the resort. For assistance call the resort. And selected materials will be posted to the Family Photo Album on the Beachwood Website.

For each photo or video used on the website, Beachwood will be giving away free Beach Bucks good for payment against a future stay. For photos get $25 Beach Bucks. For Videos gets $50 Beach Bucks. See the website for details and limits.

Said Jackie Martin, Resort Manager, "The resort staff hear so many heart warming stories from guests that now it is time to let the world know what a wonderful, charming and welcoming place the Beachwood is."

For more information contact the resort at or 360-289-2177..